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CPC - Driver Certificate of Professional Competence

About the Driver CPC Theory Test

In order to professionally drive a Bus and/or a Truck you will need* to have a passed a Category D Bus and/or Category C Truck Driver Theory Test and the Driver CPC Case Study Test detailed below, before you can apply to the RSA for your Driver CPC Practical Test.

The Bus Module Test (BMT) or Truck Module Test (TMT) will supplement the full Category C or D Theory Test already obtained by the driver. To book please contact us.

*If you hold a full Driver Licence issued before 10th September 2008 for Category D (Bus) and before 10th September 2009 for Category C (Truck) you have ‘Acquired Rights’ and are automatically entitled to a Driver CPC certification. See RSA CPC Unit for more details.

Driver CPC Theory Test – Step 1

The Driver CPC – Step 1 is covered by the Category D Bus and/or Category C Truck Driver Theory Test. For further information and instructions on how to book these tests, please visit our Driver Theory Test section.

Driver CPC Case Study – Step 2

The Driver CPC – Step 2 is the final stage before your Category D Bus and/or Category C Truck Practical Test. Step 2 of the Driver CPC consists of 3 Case Studies relating to the vehicle category in which you wish to obtain a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence.

Three Simple Steps to Book your CPC Theory Test

The Official Driver Theory Test Ireland Learning App for iOS and AndroidWe are the only supplier of official RSA-approved revision materials. Using the official revision materials gives you the best chance of passing first time! You can also read more about the official Driver Theory Test Learning App.

Please be advised that it is your responsibility to book the correct Theory Test category as this cannot be changed at the Test Centre.

Test Centre Locations

There are over forty Driver Theory Test locations throughout the Republic of Ireland. You can choose a Test Centre that is most convenient to you.

Please note that available appointment times may vary between Test Centres – you will be able to select your Test Centre and view its current appointment times at the online booking service.

See a full list of test centre locations and addresses: DTT Test Centre Location Map (PDF, 3mb).

Please note failure to bring correct identification will result in you not being able to test and you will lose your test fee. We ask that you please arrive 30 minutes ahead of your test time to allow for your check-in process.

We will only accept one of the following forms of identity (hard copy only – photocopy/pictures of ID are not acceptable):

  • Public Services Card (with photograph)
  • Passports (valid for international use only or up to maximum 12 months expired)
  • Irish Passport Cards (valid for international use, not expired and in good condition)
  • National Identity Card from EU/EEA Member States or Switzerland
  • Irish Category B (Car) or Category A (Motorcycle) Learner Permit or Full Driving Licence (valid and in good condition – please use this official NDLS page to check the validity of your Licence or Learner Permit)
  • Irish Travel Document (for more information see the Citizens Information website)
  • Current Ukraine driving licence

Test Category CPC Bus or Truck Case Study exam

In addition to the identification requirement detailed above Test Category Bus (D) & Truck (C) Candidates must also bring with them:

  • A full current Category B Irish Driving Licence (or one from an EU/EEA member state or Switzerland or Ukraine)


  • A current Category C or D Irish Learner Permit (if applicable)
  • A full current Category C or D Irish Driving Licence (or one from an EU/EEA member state or Switzerland or Ukraine)(if applicable)
  • Ensure you follow the instructions clearly when entering your details during the booking process.
  • You must ensure you use your full name as displayed on your Identification when making your booking.
  • Spelling of the name on the identification with which you book your test must match the spelling of your name on the Identification exactly that you will present at the test centre.
  • All candidates must present their Identification with some test categories requiring additional ID, please see Step 3: Check ID Requirements
  • Should you require Assistance or language facility options please refer to our Test Day Assistance/Support section.
  • Please Note: Candidates must schedule their exam using an Irish address. Candidates who have scheduled their exam using an address outside of the Republic of Ireland will not be allowed to test and will lose their fee. (To apply for an Irish Learner Permit or Driver Licence candidates must provide proof of an address in the Republic of Ireland)

Once you have carefully read through the steps required to schedule your Driver Theory Test, you may proceed to complete your booking in real time and receive immediate on-screen and email/letter confirmation.

Residency entitlement requirement to apply for a learner permit or driving licence:

You must be able to prove that you are a national of the European Union, European Economic Area or Switzerland or have leave to remain in Ireland to be eligible to apply for a learner permit or driving licence.

Please read the full list of documents which can be accepted as evidence of residency entitlement to apply for a learner permit or driving licence.

What are the costs?

Driver Certificate of Professional Competency (Driver CPC) Exam NameTest Fee
CPCB (Bus Case Study)€72.00
CPCT (Truck Case Study)€72.00
Bus Module Test (BMT) €45.00
Truck Module Test (TMT) €45.00

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